Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Like Father, Like Son

The #1 comment I get from others is "I can't believe how much hair your baby has!" followed shortly by, "I can't believe how much he looks like Cory!"

I am continually in awe about how much he looks like his daddy. His hair, his eyes, his nose - just his overall face shape. Oh, and we can't forget his long toes and fingers! It is neat to look at Gabe and realize that he was created from Cory and I (although I have to look awfully hard to find pieces of me....)

I hope that he also develops other traits from his dad. I hope he learns to work hard like Cory (and all of the Ellis family does), I hope he learns to serve others like Cory does, and I hope that he can learn to be adventurous and full of confidence like Cory.

(Photos taken 8/24/05)

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Rob, Melissa and Madelyn said...

Oh Joanna, I feel your pain. Have you seen my daughter's hair? It's out of control! I get the same thing..."woah, look at all that hair!"