Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hittin' the town

Gabe is really good when we do have to go anywhere. He might fuss a bit as we get him set in his seat - but he quickly calms down, and is ready to roll. So far we haven't ventured out too far, or too long - but we have gone to the hospital for a check up, the pediatrician's office, to the grocery store (on a Saturday when there was a case lot sale no less - it was crowded!), and to Walmart. Gabe even stayed awake and happy as we strolled around Walmart (for most of the time) - so that was an added bonus! Hopefully we'll get even more brave in coming weeks and make it to St. George, and even on other trips to visit family. He's quite the little trooper, so I think he'll do great!


Rob, Melissa and Madelyn said...

It's so funny to see them in their carseats when they are so small. You feel like the straps swallow them up! BUT they grow so fast. Soon he will look like he fits in the carseat, and thats even more scary. Treasure these tiny baby moments!

Grandma Marilyn said...

Oh !My!! Gabe is just the greatest baby, A Missionary in training!
Love Great Granmdma Marilyn

Aunt Charlotte said...

ask your mom about driving with a small baby from SLC to Pendleton and back to Salt Lake on a Labor Day weekend. Ask her how many hours a baby can cry in a car without stopping. hehehe Love, Aunt Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Joanna and Cory,
He is a beautiful child. All that hair, and blonde! He's absolutely darling. Thanks for keeping us all updated!!
Love, Rachel