Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Going under the knife

Well, I'm getting ready to go under the knife. I have been having gallbladder problems, and I'm going in today to have it removed. It's just a quick 1 hour surgery, and I should be out of the hospital within a few hours.

I've been so blessed to have my mom staying with us so that she could help during this time. I am grateful that she'll be taking care of the baby while they cut me open. However, I'm still sad that it might affect how I'll get to hold and snuggle with the baby when I get out. They only do a few incisions (4 I think) - but you know me - always have to worry about something....

Anyway, if you could please keep our little family in your prayers these next couple of days of recovery, I'd appreciate it. And I'll update the site within the next couple of days to tell ya how it went.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that Joanna is out of surgery and everything seems to be going fine. She will be home in an hour or two. I am here at their home with Gabe and Cory is at the hospital with her. I'm sure she'll update everyone soon, but knew you'd all want to know how she is doing. Thanks for your support.

Love, Earlene