Thursday, August 04, 2005

And why is it any of your business!?!

Well we went to the dr this morning, and had a great visit. Not only did I not gain any weight this week (YAY!) - but I actually lost a pound and 1/2. Then I also had a good exam, and it looks like I'm progressing and I'm at about 3 centimeters, and 50% effaced. So things are coming along, and we could have ourselves a baby soon. It could also be a few more weeks - but I'm counting on these contractions I have every now and then to help things along.

Now on to the title of my post. I have found it so incredibly interesting how many people have decided that my pregnancy is their business. From people at the grocery store asking when my baby is due, to strangers saying congratulations and touching my belly like it's public property. It's like pregnant women are fair game for just about anything. The thing that I find most interesting is how somehow if you're pregnant people think they can make some of the most insensitive comments; things that would never be said to someone who wasn't pregnant.

For instance - I hadn't been showing much, but one week my belly really started looking more pregnant. A woman I know came up to me and said, "Oh my goodness! On Sunday (and it was now Tuesday) you didn't even look pregnant - and now you''re HUGE!" Gee thanks....

Or the sales woman who approached us at a furniture store and said, "Oh, you look like you could have a baby anyday now." I was only 6 months pregnant and I told her no, I still had about 3 months. Here eyes got huge and she said, "Oh, so you're having twins then". I replied by saying, "Nope - I must just be fat!" and turned around and left. So much for buying our rocking chair at her store - she made me mad!

Anyway - most of all, recently I have found that people who do know us and see us regularly keep saying things like, "Why are you still around?" or "You're STILL pregnant????!?!?!?" They say it as if I'm some kind of a freak of nature and have been pregnant longer than anyone on earth. I just don't quite understand why it bothers them that I'm still pregnant. I mean, I'm the one with the swollen ankles, waddling walk, constant heartburn, and baby kicks up in my ribs - shouldn't I be the one walking around saying, "Why am I still pregnant!?!?!" I figure I can't start that until I'm at least at my due date. I still have a week and 1/2 until I even reach that!

And until then I might just have to lock myself in the house so the sweet old neighbor next door can't freak out if he sees me outside again :)


Jed said...

Laura got the exact same problems when she was pregnant. She had complete strangers tell her that she was way too big to be having only one baby when she was only 6 months prego. They also started making bets at the doctor's office that she would have her baby early because of how big she was. When I saw a photo of you, I thought you looked great! We were glad to see a picture of you pregnant since we are so far away and wouldn't see you at that stage otherwise. You look beautiful. We will keep you in our prayers this week.

Earlene said...

What? You're still here? Why??? Just kidding.

Love, Mom