Monday, October 09, 2006

The world's BEST husband!

I just have to brag about my husband for a second. He's the best you know! This weekend he took me away for the most indulgent and wonderful weekend. He ws so sweet to prepare all of this.

We dropped Gabe off with Cory's mom (we met her in Layton) on Friday night. Then we headed to The Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City. It is a divine hotel - staying there really has ruined me for wanting to stay anywhere else. We dressed up and had an amazing dinner at their restaurant. It was so delicious!

In the morning we got up and drove up to Park City for some shopping. The weather was crisp and fall-like, and was invigorating. I love the outlet stores up there and we got some fall/winter clothes. We also had a delicious lunch before driving back to Salt Lake.

Late in the afternoon we had in-room massages - which were heavenly. The massage therapists did a wonderful job. (And for those of you who know about my massage 'experience' in South Africa - this therapist did not use any of the same 'techniques' that my therapist in South Africa did.....this massage was actually relaxing). After the massages we headed down to the spa/salon and had pedicures - also very relaxing. Pedicures were followed with the hot tub and pool, and time in the steam rooms. AHHHHHH.....relaxing.......

For dinner we went to The Gateway shopping plaza down-town. Cory took me to one of my favorite restaurants - Thaifoon. Cory hates most Thai food - so the fact that he was anxious to take me there was just more evidence of how sweet he was this weekend. The food was delicious, and I am so lucky that he took me there!

Then back at the hotel we watched a movie in our room with some tasty dessert.

The next morning we had breakfast in bed. AMAZING! It was the most indulgent breakfast I have had in a long time. Everything was perfect and we were stuffed when we finished. Then it was back to meet Cory's family with Gabe. We were glad to see him, and he was so funny! He made so much noise over the next few hours (talking/singing/yelling) - that we wondered what switch Grandma Tammy turned on :). It was good to have him back.

We stopped for a bit at Grandma and Grandpa Whisler's house (sorry to those who we didn't get to stop and see - there are never enough hours in the day when we come up that direction...). It was great for Gabe to see these grandparents. He remembered right where the toys were kept and headed right over to the corner behind the couch (a spot that kept us entertained as children as well). And then we headed home.

So this blow-by-blow description wasn't what I meant to share. What I really wanted to share was just how awesome Cory is. Not because he was so indulgent, and spared no expense - but because he paid attention to detail, and went the extra step in taking care of me. I told him that the things that meant the most to me were the little things he did - like letting us eat at the Thai restaurant (and not even complaining - actually enjoying it!), or getting me a glass of ice to go with my diet dr pepper. He just is a great guy. I am so lucky to be married to him, and can't wait for the next 8 years. (Our 8 year anniversary is in a couple of weeks - so I kind of look at this weekend away as celebration of that).

I hope all of you are blessed enough to have a spouse or family member as special as Cory is to me. I am indeed grateful that he's mine!


Chase and Kori said...

So glad you enjoyed your vacation! It was fun to see Gabe for a few precious minutes. He kept saying "oh" ..."oh" - hello? And he even gave me a kiss! Sweet sweet boy! Sounds like a marvelous weekend. Kim and Tammy sure did something right with their boys (and Ashley)they are each such wonderful men.
Love you guys!
This is your fall of fun - Africa, fun weekend with Cory, and next Jamaica! Lucky lucky you!

april said...

awww! what a good guy!! he treats you good because you deserve and because you treat him good!! Happy 8th anniversary (in advance!)