Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baby it's cold outside!

You'll never guess what I woke up to this morning?!?! (actually, you'll probably look at the pictures before reading - so you know exactly what I woke up to....)


When my alarm went off to go to the gym I looked at the window and thought, "It's glowing outside - kind of like it does when it's snowed a bunch the night before". I pulled up the blinds - and sure enough - SNOW!

It's super wet snow, and has already started melting (there was more at 6:00 am), but it's our first snow of the year. I can't wait for Gabe to get up and want to go play in it. We'll hopefully have more pictures of that.

Have a great day. And if by chance it's snowing where you are - do a snow angel for me!

(Edited - Gabe did play outside with his babysitter this morning, but I didn't get any pictures. It is still snowing though, and we're in for quite a storm!)


april said...

oh! that's gorgeous! y'all be very careful, please.

Chase and Kori said...

Chase is sooo jealous! Every morning he repeats his desire for it to snow. Honesty though, I'm glad it hasn't hit us yet.
Love you guys

Alli said...


It is 86 degrees here today. I sort of wish it was snowing, but then I realize that I'm glad it's not snowing just yet.

I think it's wierd that we have not even really gotten chilly yet. It hasn't ever been too cold to have the windows open during the night, and it's not showing signs of getting below the 70's in the next little while.

Have fun playing in the snow.
That, I will miss.
Love you-


The Rhiens said...

Brrr....we got wind and rain today, but I think I would rather have had snow. The first snow of the year is always so exciting.

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Not me. I've been in CA 18 years, and I still don't miss the snow, even a little teenyweeny bitsy bit. You can have it!

love you, Sandra

Spencer & Ashley said...

The news said yesterday so much for going down south for warmer weather, when the snow storm really hit southern utah. The kids can't wait for the snow either. If was really cold yesterday, and I am with Earlene, I would have rather had the snow, rather that the cold cold wind.
Love ya!

MaryRuth said...

Holy Cow! I always forget about Utah's crazy weather which is weird since it was a part of my life for oh 23 years...

Our low this week is 80... next week we're supposed to be back in the 90's. Craziness.

Have fun and be safe!

Kim & Tammy said...

Of course, Coby's jealous, too. He was wondering if Cory got to use his snow plow! Hope Gabe enjoyed it.