Thursday, October 05, 2006

Future Scrapper?

Well this was a very proud moment for this scrapbooking mommy. Gabe showed MAJOR interest in playing with stickers earlier this week. He was so excited with himself as he placed each sticker. And it was so funny to watch when the stickers would get stuck to his fingers. He was determined to get those stickers off his fingers - and it was just funny to watch. He's been pretty proud of his picture and looks at it each time we pass the fridge. I even explained to him that all of the great pictures get displayed on the fridge for everyone to enjoy.

I had given him some crayons several times before - even recently, and he'd shown no interest in coloring. So I thought our art days were some ways away. But after he showed so much interest (and talent, if I do say so myself.....) with the sticker collage, I think we'll be doing more art projects soon! It's only a matter of time till I pull out the pictures and cardstock and we get scrapbooking!


april said...

too cool!!!! :)

The Rhiens said...

This makes me smile! :)

Hey, Gabe, have fun with Grandma and Grandpa Ellis!

Love, Gramma Rhien

MaryRuth said...

That's so cute!!

Carpers said...

Amazing! The little guy has more talent than I do! He's soooo cute! Love u all, Brian and Char

Wendy Sue said...

How sweet! :)