Monday, October 09, 2006

South Africa - day 2

These pictures are from our 2nd day of touring. We started the day by taking a tour up to Table Mountain. WOW! We took a gondola up to the top of this beautiful mountain for some of the most amazing views. I wished we had about 5 more hours to hike around and see stuff - but the time we did have was pretty spectacular! The mountain literally looks like a table from down below - it is really tall, and really flat. Totally cool!

After the tour of Table Mountain our tour guide took us to Cape Point. It was amazing to think we were at the southern most tip of Africa. SO pretty! Here we could walk around a bit (but we didn't have a ton of time) - and see the beautiful scenery. You had mountains, the ocean, gorgeous rocks - it was breath taking! (I had to laugh at the picture of Jessica and I sitting on the rocks - it looks like an engagement picture.)

During that day's tour we learned a lot about the country and area from our tour guide - she did a great job. She was patient with us when we stopped, and showed us lots of different things! (more in the next post....)

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