Thursday, October 19, 2006

The coolest day!!!

So when you woke up this morning, did you have any idea that today would be by far one of the coolest days EVER!?!?!? I certainly didn't - but it's shaping up to be pretty awesome.

So let's play a little game - Why do you think today has been such a great day so far?
  1. When I went to Great Harvest to pick up some Honey Whole Wheat bread they also had our favorite Apple Crumble bread - had some for lunch, and looking forward to more with dinner!
  2. This is the 200th post I've made on this blog.

Well it's actually all of the above. But, really it's all because - the most exciting thing (ever) - that Gabe took his first official steps!!!

I was on the phone with my mom, and Cory was in the living room with our friend Cameron. I hear Cory yell, "Gabe just took 8 steps!" He walked between Cameron and Cory and I missed it - so I hung up with my mom quickly (sorry mom). Cory tried having Gabe walk towards me and he did it!!! No help, not holding on to Cory - he just walked!!!

Then after Cory left for work I tried feeding Gabe some lunch. He hardly ate anything because he was so excited to get down and try walking again. And he kept doing it! He'd pull himself up on things and toddle around. Sometimes taking 2-3 steps, othertimes going as many as 10!!! If he falls down he can't seem to figure out standing up unless he uses something to pull himself up on, but that's ok. I can't believe how proud I am of him!

He's pretty proud of himself too. When he falls down he'll look for me and then clap. I'm not sure if he gets that I have been clapping for his walking - rather than the falling - but either way, he's pretty proud, and the grinning from ear to ear was totally contagious as he showed his excitement!

There was a moment when he started just trying to walk everywhere, and he was walking away from me. His little light up tennis shoes were flashing, his cowlick sticking up on the back of his hair, and hands steading himself for balance...he toddled off and instantly my eyes filled with tears. He's not a baby anymore!!!! Such a milestone for us, but also a bittersweet one. I just can't believe that it was just a year ago that he'd curl up with his head on my shoulder and fall he's walking, toddling about. I have a toddler.

I'm so proud of you little guy - I love you more than I ever even imagined possible!

(I'll post pictures hopefully soon when I get some taken. Before his nap I was just too excited, and worried I'd miss some important steps if I went to find the camera)


The Rhiens said...

Yay!!!! I am so sorry I was talking to you when he took those first steps. But, I am glad that he took more, so that you could see them. I can so relate to the feeling of joy and pride mixed with sadness. It is one that you will get used to as the years go by. Excited for them to experience their first day of school, their first solo bike ride, their first boy/girlfriend, their graduation from high school, their going off to college, their marriage, their first child........all of those types of moments bring such joy and satisfaction, but each time it will be mixed with a tinge of sadness. Knowing that they are moving on to a new level of independence. But, also knowing that they are moving away from needing you as much as they once did. Life will be full of those bittersweet moments. But, just rejoice in them.

Can't wait to see pictures...and to see him next week.

Love, Gramma Rhien

Chase and Kori said...

Hurray! I can feel your excitement through your words and how you phrased things. Thanks for giving such a detailed account - I could almost see it "His little light up tennis shoes were flashing, his cowlick sticking up on the back of his hair, and hands steading himself for balance" I love the way toddlers walk - especially when they are first learning. How fun!! Thanks for sharing
Love you guys
Kori and Chase

Alli said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How exciting! that is so cool that you both were there. I bet he's so cute all excited to walk. We are so proud and ... oop alli uh needs help, got to cut this short, call ya,
the rhiens

Kim & Tammy said...

I told Gabe that he needed to wait until Mommy came home from South Africa to start walking, but it had to be before we took off for the Carribean! I'm glad you were a part of the first step walking process, too, Earlene, it is a time of mixed emotions. Give Gabe a love from us.
Grandma Tammy

Anonymous said...

Bravo for Gabe! If I were there I'd do that twinkly hand thing that is clapping in American Sign Language.

And bravo for you, too.

Oh, and did I mention good luck and condolences for the next phase? No more worries about not getting enough exercise for awhile. . .
Love you, Sandra

april said...

eek!! how exciting!!!

(and how bittersweet! hang in there mama, there's lots more excitingly bittersweet moments ahead, I'm afraid!)

hang in there! give Gabe a high five for me!