Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where we were yesterday...

So remember my goal to post a blog post once a day for the month?  Oops...yesterday I didn't get it done.  But I have a pretty good excuse - it was my birthday!  We celebrated with a little road trip (that didn't quite work out....more on that later....) and Cory and I had a nice dinner together in the evening while the boys got a babysitter.  Everyone was happy with that! (My boys LOVE babysitters!)

We also enjoyed a DELICIOUS bundt cake from "Nothing Bundt Cakes" - lemon with cream cheese frosting.  I can't believe I'm saying it....but it actually had too much frosting on it.  But I got over it :)  They make great cakes!

Thanks guys - here's hoping I'm not only another year older but wiser too.


Kristi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope this will be an amazing year for you. I've loved catching up on all of these blog posts. So fun to see what is up in your world.

kristine said...

Joanna! I am so glad you are a positive and celebrated women. As the years go by and we wise up.. har har, your birthdays will be more and more beautiful. You are a gem and a true person and I am thankful your here in Texas with me!

Thanks for sharing your blog! I will keep my eye on you now!