Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Does Your Blog Suck?

My cute friend Jessica Kopp has issued a challenge on her blog. Post on your blog every single day for the month of June.  This challenge came after her daughter told her that their family blog sucked and they needed to do something about it.  So Jessica spent the month of May updating her blog on a daily basis.  She had guest posts from her daughter who instigated the project, posted photos, lists, things that made her happy - just simple, every-day stuff. 

Now Jess is issuing the same challenge to the readers of her blog, so I'm going to take her up on it.  Not to get the prize she's offering (since I'm pretty sure she hadn't planned to travel for her offer) - but to get myself thinking, liven up my blog, and remember how much I love to record aspects of our every-day life, as well as the miracles that happen on a pretty regular basis.  So I hope you're ready - because ready or not, here comes June and my post-every-day attempt. 


JenB said...

I got pretty post crazy during April (24 posts ... so not everyday, but pretty close). I do always have blog posts in the back of my mind ... a little like I would with scrapbook pages (back when I was still scrapbooking). I DO post daily, a "Daily Doings" which is just a little journal entry of the day, in the sidebar, not a main post. Good luck with posting everyday. I'll be reading! *Ü*
PS - Your blog does NOT suck :)

Chelsea said...

but maybe i like that my blog sucks... :) i realized last night that by the time i get done reading everyone else's posts for the week, i want to blog but am too tired and go to bed instead.