Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites - BLOGS

I am in awe of the creativity and amazing talent that is out there in internet-land.  Just take a few minutes to browse through these cute and crafty blogs for awesome ideas.  Everything from crafts to church activities and contests to win goodies, pie in a jar to household cleaning tips - it's awesome!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Brown Paper Packages - This blog is one with a variety of fun projects and information.  Crafts, phototgraphy posts (by a friend of mine Leilani), food - you name it.

Kevin & Amanda - This girl goes on the most amazing looking trips and reports on the fantastic food finds she runs into.  She also creates cute scrapbook fonts, gets crafty and takes great pictures.  The recipes she posts always leave me hungry and feeling like I need to go on a diet just for reading through the tasty treats.  Just check out her post from today and the recipes she linked to.  WOW - I need to wash it down with a big glass of milk.

Eighteen25 - awesome craft ideas, food, darling wall hangings, giveaways

Our Best Bites - (ok, this blog will be mentioned repeatedly, I promise - it's a new addiction!)  These guys have AMAZING recipes.  Not just amazing, but easy to make too.  Check out the recipe index as well as the craft ideas.  You'll never want to leave the kitchen after checking out this site!!!

Tatertots and Jellos - another blog full of giveaways, darling craft and do-it-your-self projects. 

Bee In Our Bonnet - This blogger has the most gorgeous cookies I've ever seen.  I wish I had 1/2 of her cookie decorating talent!  She also posts super cute projects, goodies and check out the lady bug birthday party! (WOW!)  I loved the idea for the "edible paints".

Smilemonsters - Rootbeer Float on a Stick - I started salivating when I saw this picture.  Perfect for a blistering hot summer day (which we have plenty of around here).  Can't wait to try them. 

Keep Falling Up - A friend of ours from our Ricks College days.  Jodi has a great attitude as she is tackling huge trials in her life.  She is funny, touching, and sweet.  I promise you'll feel a bit more grateful for your life after learning from her.

It Matters - This is a blogger who is a friend of a friend.  She has great advice for healthy living, being a cool mom and getting active.  Love her encouragement for her 5K Fridays.

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