Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends

When I was in 2nd grade I met my best friend Tami Jewkes.  She had long dark hair, the sweetest disposition and I knew right away that we were going to be friends for a long time.  However, after a year in Mrs. Houser's class in 2nd grade they split our school and we'd be going to different schools for 3rd grade!  It was devastating, but we still played together all the time and kept our friendship going strong.  However, in 4th grade my family moved to Orem and chances of us seeing each other all the time seemed slim....BUT - we managed!  We'd spend long weekends together, meet 1/2 way to swap off where we stayed.  I went camping, hunting and on trips to Lake Powell or Green River with her family.  I LOVED the times we'd go on trips together!  We managed to stay great friends through college, we had our first babies within a week of each other and I love that we have facebook and email to keep up with each other.

One of my favorite things about Tami and my friendship was that our birthdays were just 2 days apart.  We had several birthady celebrations together and I remember getting matching pajamas one year for our birthdays.  (we also had miniature ones for our "My Child" dolls).  So when our birthday week comes up it makes me happy to know I get to celebrate it with one of the greatest girls there is!

This year Tami is doing something I'm SOOOOO proud of her for doing!  She's going to be running in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay!!!  I wish like heck that I could be there to cheer her on and to give her a huge hug at the end.  Having her come cheer me on at the Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon this past summer was one of the greatest things ever and I wish I could return the favor.  So good luck sweet friend, I can't wait till January when we do get to run together!  (YAY!)

I LOVED that I stumbled on this quote.  When we were in Jr. High Tami gave me a little tiny frame
with this same picture in it and I saved it all these years.  Love that girl!


cemarcano said...

So does that mean that your birthday is this week too??

tami said...

You are too sweet! I'm so glad I met you, thanks for all your support!! Love you!