Saturday, June 04, 2011

My thoughts exactly....

I don't know what it is - when I don't have time I have all kinds of ideas.  When I have time no creativity or ideas come...what's up with that?  It's kind of like having money to go shopping for new clothes and not being able to find a single thing I like. But if I have no clothes money budgeted it's as if the clothes JUMP off the hangers at the store - begging to be purchased.  The whole concept makes me a little crazy.  So here are a few things I would **like** to do...but can't find the time or motivation to do them:
  1. Come up with a cute/effective summer incentive program for my kids - for chores, reading, getting along.
  2. Paint a picture.  I have an idea for a canvas painting I'd like to do someday....that's been on the list for a while.
  3. Spend the afternoon @ an airconditioned art museum wandering around ( that bad?).
  4. Read "The Work and the Glory" series again - all of it from the beginning.  For some reason I get hung up around the 6th or 7th book and don't go any further.  I kind of want to just go through and read it all again.
  5. Organize my eating plans for the summer.  I would love to have a several week eating plan in place - each meal planned out, some even prepared and shopping lists organized.
  6. Number or alphabetize our dvd's.  When we moved we took all of the dvd's and cd's out of cases and into those big dvd binders.  It was going to be so much easier to lug around a couple of those big binders than it would be to have all the cases.  But when we did it we didn't do it in an organized way - we just literally threw them in the binder.  I know it might sound nuts (at least it does to my husband) but I'd like to give each dvd a number, and each spot in the binder a number.  Then I'd type up a list and have the dvd's and their numbers listed.  That way when a kid took one out of the binder they could just match them up when they returned I said - Cory thought I was being too anal.
  7. Open an Esty shop and sell handmade cards.  I've been playing around with this idea for a few weeks now and I really want to do it. But I want to do it in a big way....and have a bunch of cards made up to sell right off the bat.  I'd like to design a great logo, some cute graphics to put in my shop.....need more time....
  8. Organize my digital scrapbooking files.  Lots and lots of great products I've gotten over the years from the designers I've worked with, freebies on the web, etc - but I'd like to have them more organized and remind myself what I have.
  9. Sort and organize my kids toys - I need to do a dollar store/happy meal toy clean out.  I also need to re-do our play bins/drawers and sort them.  I want to label those too:  tool toys, cars, potato heads, super heros, etc.
  10. Have fun with my kids and hubby.  I don't do that enough.  I don't just enjoy them enough....I hope that at some point in life I'll find a balance where I feel like I've been spiritual enough, done enough housework, created enough, worked out enough....and played enough!

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Kristi said...

Great list! I love this peek into your brain/world. It's interesting to compare priorities and to-do's... I always feel like I have a lot more of projects than time, but than I'm also pretty good at wasting time, so... :)