Sunday, June 19, 2011

Little Visitor

I ran in from the garage tonight to head upstairs.  I glanced down on the floor and saw a little carpet piece on the wood floor (you know - just one of the fibers that had come loose?).  It looked like it moved - like from a little breeze from the fan - but then it kept moving - all across the floor!!!  That's when I realized that not only was there a little piece of carpet fiber, but there was a TINY lizard scurrying across the floor.  My screaming for Cory to come catch it scared the little thing and he froze in place for a minute.  Then when Cory came to rescue me (and might I add - it's a good thing I wasn't actually in danger, because Cory wasn't moving very fast....!) he started jumping all over the place, running around and being nuts.  It was SO small and so cute - but makes me a bit nervous that it was in my HOUSE!  I'm curious if there are other creepy crawlies hiding around the place....

So we caught it and let it go out in our bushes.  Hope he decides to stay there and not wander back into the house. 

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