Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2 - Two Thumbs UP!

We went to see Cars 2 this morning - first showing on opening day.  I noticed that the theater had discount tickets for the "Early Bird showing" - the first matinee of the day @ 9:40 am.  Since movie tickets for the whole family can be pricey (in fact, we've kind of quit going to movies because tickets are SO expensive!) we decided to brave the opening day crowds.  I thought it would be crazy busy but we lucked out!  We were one of the first ones in the theater and got our favorite seats. (We always like to sit on the front row of the upper section - the row that doesn't have seats in front of it, but has a railing we can prop our feet up on.)  The movie was exciting, adventurous, cute, funny - a definite winner!

Gabe review of the movie: "I like it better than number one.  I like the new people.  I like the weapons.  It's cool.  It's mostly for boys.  They had disguises.  They had rocket boosters and one of the disguises was a taco truck. At the beginning there was a car that was in a dangerous place and he got crushed into a box by the bad guys. You should go see it - it's one of the best Disney movies ever!"

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