Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flashback: June 2005 - June 2010

Sometimes I think it's fun to think "So what was I doing exactly ____ years ago?" (fill in the blank for the # of years).  Just to give a little benchmark of what  has changed in a specific time period.  For instance - here are pictures from the month of June in several different years.  A few things have changed....

June 2005 - pregnant with Gabe

June 2006 - Enjoying our first year of being parents. Love our little Gabe!
June 2007 - Enjoying our last months as a family of 3 - expecting Hunter in August
June 2008 - Hunter's growing like crazy, darling little guy!

June 2009 - Cory's triathlon, family playtime, enjoying summer!

June 2010 - Gabe's swimming lessons, Cory, Joanna & Papa do a triathlon.

It sure can be fun to reminisce, look back over time and realize just how quickly it's flying by....Crazy stuff!

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