Thursday, March 29, 2007

Something a little lighter...

With my last depressing post I figured I needed to post something somewhat lighter. So here's a newer picture of Gabe. I love how the little guy looks in green - it's really a great color on if we could convince his dad that he should wear something other than red we'd be in business.
(Red is one of the main "Blind Guy" colors - so almost everything Cory owns now is red)
On a funny note in regards to that - when we were in Oregon a few weeks ago we went shopping at an outlet mall. We were in the Gap Outlet and I saw a couple of polo shirts that seemed perfect for Cory. There was one that had red, grey and a small gold stripe - that one screamed Cory's name, so I knew I was getting it for him. Then there was another one - that was navy, apple green, with a small gold stripe - this was my favorite. I debated on getting it and my mom even said - "It's not red, will Cory wear it?" But I liked it a lot, so I hoped he'd wear it for me.
Anyway, we were in line to pay and Gabe started fussing a bit. To distract him, I showed the 2 shirts to him and said, "Look what we're getting daddy." I had the red one in one hand, and the blue/green one in the other hand. Gabe pointed to the red shirt and said, "Daddy!" Then he pointed to the blue/green one in my other hand and shouted in his proudest voice, "Mom-ma!"
I got such a laugh out of it - and actually ended up putting the blue/green shirt I had fallen in love with back on the shelf. Even a 19 month old knows what Daddy will and won't wear!


Anonymous said...

I think Cory is telling little Gabe what to tell Mommy! Ha! I thought that was cute, too! Love you!
Grandma T

The Rhiens said...

I love this picture of Gabe! He looks so grown up...and it was funny to see him be so adamant about the shirt choice for Dad. :)

Love, Gramma Rhien