Sunday, March 18, 2007


(beware - pregnancy complaints ahead)

So here is a picture (one of the very few I've taken of myself in these past few months) of me and my ever expanding belly...This is a picture taken at the 1/2 way point - right before we went to our ultrasound. I hate pictures of myself pregant. My face gets so puffy, and even an hour after I put make up on, you can't tell (somehow that pregnant "glow" everyone talks about - is oil or something - makes my makeup fall off!) Anyway, enjoy this one - it might be one of the few you get to see :)

In a lot of ways this preganacy has been a lot easier than with least as far as being sick and throwing up constantly. I feel much better in that regard! But I'm also much more tired this time around. I guess chasing after Gabe will do that. There are also a lot of other symptoms that I have noticed sooner with this pregnancy.

Eating - when I was pregnant with Gabe I remember crying to Cory and saying, "I just want to enjoy eating again. I want to be excited about a meal, have it taste great, and enjoy it! I miss wanting to eat!" Well, my wish has come true with this pregnancy. I have quite the hearty appetite. And unfortunately I have let myself indulge a bit too much...but it is nice to enjoy food - and it's been funny the things I've enjoyed (one day I got Gabe a hot dog for lunch when we stopped at a fast food place. I took a bite, and Cory had to wrestle it out of my hands to give to Gabe - it was SO good! And normally I hate hot dogs).

My sciatic nerve has acted up really badly, and there are times I have a hard time just getting up from sitting or lying down. Of course, the dr says that's "normal" for pregnancy.

Carpal tunnel. When I was pregnant with Gabe I had ocasional bouts of this - my right hand fallign asleep and waking me up in the night because of the tingling. But it was maybe the last month. I'm already having problems. And it's much worse. For instance, if I try to read a book for longer than 3-4 minutes in one position, my hands fall asleep. And all through typing this entry I have to keep taking a break and shaking my hands to wake them up. Not fun. It also wakes me up several times a night. The dr suggested some splints to wear at night, or when it's bugging me, and I just need to go get them.

Mood swings. Oh goodness - poor Cory, that's all I have to say. A few weeks ago I said to him, "My mood swings haven't been nearly as bad as before - in fact I'd say my mood has been pretty even keel the last couple months!" Shouldn't have said that! The last weeek or so I've been a wreck. Daily meltdowns - and even sometimes several times a day. The smallest things set me off and become catrastophies. Cory said, "I just don't think get why you make such a big deal out of little things". But at the time they're not small things - there are no small things to a hormonal pregnant woman. Finishing this basement has not been a good addition to the pregnancy induced hysteria.

Anyway, that's my pregnancy in a nutshell. More than you wanted to hear - but there you have it!


Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

glad to hear that in some regards your pregnancy is going better this time around.

it's also fun to be able to relate to some (but not all) of your pregnancy symptoms.

We look forward to meeting the little guy & having he and our little gal be buds.

love - Paul & Nicole

april said...

I'm sorry you're having lots of physical yuckies, but you better stop talking smack about yourself! You look absolutely beautiful!!!!

I read Kevin the emails we exchanged last week and he was so touched by them. As I told you---so many of our friends have turned their pregnancy into something they can hurt us with, but yours has been such a blessing to me!! Thank you for sharing it with me! Love you!

The Desert Jungle said...

You look great! Your hair is so different- longer? Not as much perm? I can't figure it out.
Anyway, you look great. Best of luck with the nasty side of pregnancy. All I can say is that I UNDERSTAND the mood swings. I think JT was tempted to stick me in counseling. The guys just dont understand...

Sherelle said...

Hi Joanna! I think that you look beautiful with your mama belly! But of course, it wasn't that long ago for myself, and I can remember how miserable it can be! Hang in there...

Emeline Anne said...

It's so nice that you don't feel sick all the time! What a wonderful way to enjoy a pregnancy!! I am way excited for you and having another little boy. :) If this one's as cute as Gabe, you'll sure be a lucky mom! :) (I'm sure he will be!)
I just wanted to put a big hooray out for wrist braces- When I was pregnant with Emeline I had carpel tunnel really bad at the end- I remember my husband had to cut my food for me and I could hardly hold a fork and couldn't hold a pencil. Ug. But the wrist braces really did seem to help- at the end I wore them all the time.
You look so cute pregnant! Congrats again-

Maggie said...

I haven't talked to you in soooo long! You're pregnant again! Yahoooo! I am so happy for you! Joanna- you look absolutely beautiful! and that little Gabe, you could definitely make some money off that boy...he's got to be the next GAP baby!
It sounds like life is treating you so well and I am so happy for you!
I would love to catch me when you have a second!


MarilynH said...

Hi Joanna!! I have been lurking here and off and on. This is a gorgeous picture of you!! Congrats on baby boy number two!! When it rains it pours, eh?
Hey--You look awesome, girl. You have really worked hard and lost weight since I saw you about, what----3 years ago?? How did'ja do it? What was your secret to success :)