Sunday, March 04, 2007


Gabe - I'm pretty sure that OSHA has some kind of regulation for the construction industry that you have to be wearing pants to work at a construction site. We'll definetly have to look into that before making any career decisions.


Flea said...

I think you should be more concerned with child labor laws. Maybe you could pay Gabe in Happy Meals?

Just popping thru blogs and your little guy caught my eye. What a cutie!


Carpers said...

This is so cute - he looks so happy standing there pants-less. :) How funny. The sledding looks fun too. Love you! Alicia

The Desert Jungle said...

I LOVE this picture! Definitely one for his future yearbook.
Have a great time in Oregon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabe, wanna come do some home repair work for me?

Love, Sandra

Chase and Kori said...

This photo made my day! He has such a look of pure delight. It is so fun to see his little personality shine through in each of these photos! We love you guys and hope to see you soon!
Kori and Chase

april said...

I dont think they have a pants rule, but I know for sure they have a rule about steel toe boots, so I think you're good to go if you get some boots on, Gabe! ;)