Sunday, March 04, 2007


Our ward had a sledding activity up in the mountains yesterday. We were disappointed that not many families went, but we were glad we made the trip up. The weather was chilly, but beautiful and the new snow we got this week was fun to play in. We took the Ranger up and pulled people behind it on sleds, as well as hiking up the hill to sled down. I even did a little sledding (VERY LITTLE) - to be considered an active participant. Gabe loves the snow - or "no" as he calls it.
(**we had one of those little 'sock' things on Gabe's head to keep him warm - unfortunately it kept slipping over part of his face so it's kind of covered up funny. Oh well, I guess it was for warmth, and not for pictures huh?)

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april said...

glad you guys are having fun in the white stuff!! :)