Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's (going to be) a BOY!

Well, since Paul kind of gave it away.... :)

Yup - it's a boy! We are all super excited. Gabe doesn't quite grasp the difference between boy and girl yet, but he is super excited about the baby. He went with us to the ultrasound yesterday and climbed up next to me and kept patting my belly saying, "Baby". Then when she put the projector on so I could watch it on the screen he got pretty excited (at least after the disappointment wore off that he wasn't watching a movie. He thought we were watching "George" - for Curious George, or Mermaid). He'd pat my tummy and say baby, and then point to the screen.

It was amazing to me how totally clear the pictures were! I could see details we didn't see with Gabe. We could count the fingers and toes, see a great profile, point out specific bones - it was awesome!

And the good news is - I'm right on with my due date. The bad news is...I'm right on with my due date and not earlier :) Looks like another August baby boy. The actual date is August 2nd.

And he was moving around like crazy - but here are a few of the still shots we got.
He was all bent in a funny shape for a lot of the ultrasound - his head was so curled up under himself - something I doubt we'll be seeing once he's born (I don't think it's humanly possible!)
A profile shot.

A cute shot of his little foot. He was moving his toes all around - it was cute!


Holly said...

Congratulations!! Gabe will forever have a little buddie to play with! My second daughter's birthday is Aug. 2nd, too! She was due Aug. 5th, and I always thought I'd go early and have a July baby!! How fun for you guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting .Two little Ellis boys.
At least you can't name him anything like Tanger Rhien. Ha!Ha!

Its amazing to see these films. Love Grandma Marilyn

april said...

eeeeeeeeeeeep!!! I'm so excited for you! You are SUCH a good "boy mama"! What a blessed little guy he will be! :)

Laura said...

Awwwwh- cute

We are SO incredibly happy for you- and with you. Those pictures are the most amazingly clear ultrasound pictures We've ever seen. He's bound to be a charmer if he is anything like the rest of the Ellis family.

We love you tons.
-Jed and Laura

The Rhiens said...

I love seeing these shots! Thanks for taking the time to share them. How fun to have a grandson and a grand-daughter on the way, and to already have a grandson and and a grand-daughter. :) We feel very blessed!

Such sweet photos...especially the little foot. :)

Love, Mom and Dad Rhien