Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pink or Blue????

So - what do ya think, pink or blue?

We had our ultrasound this afternoon and now we know the sex of our baby - are you curious????


Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

green! just kidding.

hey since you think that Sundance is a girl's name... you could name him Grant - Grant Arghee Ellis. Actually we have dibbs on the name Grant.

love you - Paul

Chase and Kori said...

I'm guessing from Paul's post it's a boy... How exciting! Be sure to let us know!
Love you guys

Carpers said...

How exciting! But I have to say, if Paul has dibs on the name Grant, that better be one masculine girl that Nicole is carrying! :):):) just kidding. We're guessing blue too. :) Be sure to tell us though! We're so excited for you, and glad to know you made it home ok. Love you!

Holly said...

I'm extremely curious! LOL!! I say girl...just to be different! :o)