Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cute Gabe-isms

So do you ever have so much to do that you don't do anything? (I think I've started a blog post with this same phrase before...) That's how I'm feeling right now. I'm super stressed about getting my house back in order, and life back to 'normal' after our trip that I spend all my time stressing over my every expanding "to-do list" and not much time getting any of it done. It's crazy to me how taking a week off of life can really wipe you out. Both because it takes a lot to get out the door with a 19 month old, and because since you were gone for a week it takes twice that to catch up on the things you miss.

Throw in the idea of being pregnant and exhausted from chasing after Gabe who has more energy than about a million adults - and I'm pooped! Oh, and add to that the idea that we're in the midst of finishing our basement (2 bedrooms, 2 storage rooms, and a bathroom).

Anyway, while I was stressing out about how we're ever going to get our basement finished and the house cleaned back up (this whole sheetrock deal is taking longer than they said it would and is making a way bigger mess than I remember it making last time we worked on the basement!!!) - I had a few sweet moments with Gabe.

He has been talking up a storm lately! Granted, anyone else probably has no idea in the world what he's saying - but I am really starting to get the words he shouts out. And the amazing thing is how he'll spit out new words so quickly! This morning alone he added his own versions of sticky, sticker, sucker, turtle, Elmo, door, money, and penny to his vocabulary.

Some other words he spits out now are Daisy, Sadie, stinky, Ranger, walk, down, go, candy, balloon, Ganga (Grandma), George (for Curious George), baby, Mom, Mom-ma, Daddy, bath, cheese, snack, go, movie, teeth, eyes, more, please, thank you, bed, hat, Ginky (for his binkie), owie, ouch, pancakes, apple, oranges, cracker, cookie, rock, and tonz more.

He's also loving to sing, or listen to me sing. I'll finish a song and before the last note is out he'll say, "more!" and do the sign for more (one of his favorite sign language signs) - and promptly start crying if I don't keep singing. So if I'm going to start singing to him I better be ready to do it for at least 5 songs! He's catching on more and more with the songs too and loves to watch me do the actions (and frequently chimes in).

Just the last couple of days he's started making this hilarious face. I'll say, "Show me how cute you are" and he'll give me the biggest, goofiest grin. It also works sometimes when I say, "Are you cute?" It's a lot like the "CHEESE" face he makes too. Sometimes he'll even put his hands on his cheeks like - look how cute I am! I'll try to catch a picture of it one of these days.

He also likes to pat my cheeks (from the song "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home". It's so sweet. Especially if he folows it up with a great big kiss!

It's such an exciting time to be his mom and to enjoy watching him learn! So while I'm stressed about dusting the house (for the 100th time since I came home on Monday), or how I'll ever really get all the way unpacked from the trip - I need to sit back and remember that what really matters is spending time with Gabe and cherishing these awesome learning moments.


Anonymous said...

eThanks so much for sharing. He is one great child. Thanks for calling me too. It makes my day when I hear from any or all of you. Love Grandma Marilyn
A teacher once said_ Life by the yard is hard! By the inch Life's a cinch

The Rhiens said...

How fun it was to share last week with you and Gabe! It was fun to see and hear some of the Gabeisms in person. :)


Carpers said...

He was so funny with the fish pond at the retirement home, and to see him learning so quickly. This is such a fun age, and they learn so much. It was really neat to meet him in person finally, and to see you again - its been forever! Congrats on the new boy to join the family soon. :) Love you! Alicia