Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yup - he's the cutest

It's official - Gabe is officially the cutest 5 1/2 month old there is! Today he was more slobbery than ever, and then his nose started to run - what a mess! But when he gives me a smile like these I completely forget about the slobbery and other gunk. What a cutie!

Gabe got a hold of this little ad for Baby Einstein books/movies/cds. He loved having a "book" that he could look at on his own - and chew up. He would start kicking, squealing and throwing it all over - he loved it. It was fun to see him so happy with something. (It reminded me of when my little sister was small and loved any magazines or ads with Little Mermaid on them. She could spot them a mile away!)

He also loved playing with this little stuffed dog we got him. We figured it was better to give him his own dog to chew on than for him to keep trying to "kiss" the dogs. He's become quite fond of them and wants to grab their ears and shove them in his mouth....not so clean.....


Gramma Rhien said...


Love, Gramma Rhien

Carpers said...

What a cutey! Brian