Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Gabe's not only become more independent this week - but he's also started rolling around like crazy. He's learned that if there's something he wants across the blanket - he can roll to it. He rolls back and forth, and is most often found in some sort of rolling pose. What a cutie!


Gramma Rhien said...

Oh, boy! The fun begins. He'll be on the go from here on out. Joanna, you were walking between 8-9 months, so he's probably going to follow in your footsteps. :) He'll be all over the house before long...running after the dogs and his daddy, and you. Fun stuff! :)

Love, Gramma Rhien

Anonymous said...

So, what is this, now that Gabe can roll around on the floor, there isn't any time to post more pix? I came on Friday, thinking, oh good there should be some new pictures. On Saturday I thought, surely TODAY. . . And now, on Sunday night. . . still nada. How will I get my fix of Gabeness?

Much love to you all, Sandra