Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gabe right now

Wow - has it been a week! Gabe has developed quite a few little personality quirks this week. He has decided that he wants to be all grown up. He is just getting so frustrated that he's not 3 years old yet, and can't do all of the things that mom and dad do. He wants to sit up, he wants to read books (and turn the pages himself), he wants to type at the computer, wants to take pictures with mommy's camera, wants to eat our food, drink from mom's water-bottle, you name it - he wishes he was doing it. It's funny - because I thought this kind of independence came when they were older - like 2 or 3 years old - not 5 months old!

This wanting to be grown up, and independent has caused several screaming fits - some lasting entire days it seems. He has wanted to be in my arms constantly. Not necessarily because he wants my comfort or loves, but because he wants to grab anything I'm touching so he can be involved. It's made for a long week.

He's also been slobbering more than I thought humanly possible. There is literally a fauset attached to him and he just goobers all over us constantly. But oddly it's cute....(a face only a mother could love eh?) I'm thinking it's maybe teething; but I thought that a few months ago, and we still haven't seen any little white teeth poking up. We'll see (that could be why he's been fussing more than normal too).

Another thing Gabe has discovered this week is Baby Einstein dvd's. I popped one in earlier this week out of desperation (I'd held him a good part of the day and I was exhausted) and he was mezmerized. He loved hearing the kids, seeing the babies and listening to the music. He'll squeal and yell with delight, it's fun to listen to. He loved them so much we picked a couple more of them up today when we were in St. George. I'm not a fan of the idea of "plugging" your children in to entertain them. But these movies are educational - even teaching basic sign-language, language, colors, etc. Kinda cool.

Well I've tried to post some pictures, but they're not showing up - so I'll see if I can get them up on another post (since that's why you came here anyway - right?)

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