Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Doing alright

I've had several people email and ask why I haven't posted a picture on the blog in over a week, and asking if I'm ok. Yup - everything is fine. Cory was out of town 1/2 of last week - got home on Sunday - and so I didn't have much time to sit down on the computer and post anything. When I did finally get Gabe to sleep I was exhausted, and didn't get much computer stuff done. Cory's being gone really helped me to appreciate when he is here. I never really sat back and ralized how much he helps with Gabe when he's here. Gabe's in a phase where he wants to be held a lot - and I've been pooped from holding him so much. I was grateful for Cory when he came home so he could just hold the little guy for a while - it was a great relief.

So sorry about the lack of pictures. I'll try to post more in a while - but if I don't - I'm sorry.

Have a great day!

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