Monday, January 02, 2006


Every year since I can remember we've done a pinata on (or around) Christmas Eve. My mom used to make the pinata - spending hours and hours creating the cutest little snowman or santa. It used to be a calm, yet fun festivity. Now as we've grown up we get somewhat violent with the hitting - looking forward to it as a way of releasing pent up frustrations. We've moved up to store-bought pinatas (though we miss Mom's cute ones!) and the candy has improved (this year it included little candy bars - YUM!) It's fun as adults to still get to enjoy banging around the pinata, and to get to share the tradition with Gabe.


april said...

love the pics of gabe with your parents...he's so content!

Mom Rhien said...

Oh, to be a Rhien! :)

Love, Mom