Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Watch out!

Watch out - Gabe's learned a new trick! On Saturday he pulled himself up next to the coffee table and he's been doing it ever since. He still can’t get himself from a crawling position onto his bum to sit down, but if I sit him by the coffee table, or if he crawls up to me and can pull himself up on my legs or something he can pull right up to the coffee table. Watch out – he’ll be walking soon. (now if he could figure out how to crawl the normal way…..he's still scootching around everywhere!)

He's also developed an obsession with bananas. That is all he wants to eat. He yells "Na-na-na-na" all day, and if he sees a picture of a banana, or sees them sitting on the kitchen counter he gets really worked up. We won't even mention how excited he was to see them at the grocery store. It has made feeding him other foods interesting, but we're still keeping his meals balanced :).

He's also been obsessed with phones. He loves talking on the phone, gets excited when the phone rings, and holds his hand up to his ear and says, "He-ro" (his version of hello) over and over again. It's pretty cute. He especially loves to take Cory and my cell phone and "chat" on it.


The Rhiens said...

He looks so pleased with himself. You're right, though...watch out. I bet he could easily be walking by his birthday. And then the fun really begins. :) What a sweetie!

Love, Mom

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

We hope you do come up so we can see Gabe (and you of course). We loved watching Allison grow up and wish we could have that opportunity for all of our nieces and nephews.

We feel blessed to live in a time of incredible technology, that we can see pictures of him almost instantly.

Love you, Paul & Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hey now, I can hardly wait to be there at the end of the month so we can witness all these cool tricks in person! By then you should have him reading Greek or something, dontyathink?
Have a great month! Love, Sandra

Carpers said...

WOW! That boy will be walking in no time! What a sweetheart.Love Uncle Brian

Alli said...

He's a handsome little boy. We sure love how photogenic he seems to be. I don't know if it is because you are just good and photography (which you are), or if you take a zillion photos and only post the very best ones, or if he is just always adoreable?

Thanks for keeping us posted. We love you-
Jed and Laura