Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm learning

So I'm finally learning a very important mommy lesson. If I have a busy day and need to get 1,372 things done the worst possible thing I can do is to write them down and be organized about what needs to get done.

For some reason on days that I am pretty organized with what needs to be accomplished during Gabe's nap time, and have a detailed list of things that I'll do when he's sleeping are the WORST nap days! Days when I don't have plans, no list, nothing to check off as I go - he sleeps like a dream. I really don't get it.

So what I'm learning is to throw out the lists, get rid of the plans, and just hope that I'll remember the to-do list I have running in my brain.....wish me luck!


The Rhiens said...

There have been times in my life where lists were the only thing that kept me sane...and times when trying to use a list was the cause of my insanity. It will vary from time to time and day to day. Good luck in finding the balance on any given day. Some days are easier than others. Good luck with all that is now on your plate with your added camp responsibilities. You're in my thoughts!

Love, Mom

Carpers said...

I think the list clears up head space to use for more important things as long as you don't let the list control you ( not an easy thing to do, I know). But I hate to say I think the biggest thing to learn is coming - how to get things done when he isn't sleeping. If I have a big project, I still turn on Sesame Street and get after it. The music is my inspiration to get moving because it was the only hour of the day I was guaranteed peace ( neither of my kids EVER took naps, EVER!!). But of course, I also had the luxury of living next door to grandparents and when I tried to get Alicia to stay in her room so I could do a project, the next sound I would hear would be the back door as she toddled over to Grandpa's house and oreo cookies.
It only gets better from here- LOVE YOU, Aunt Charlotte

Anonymous said...

oNE SUGGESTION WRITE THE 6 MOST IMPORTANT JOBS .NEXT DAY DO THE SAME THING.NEXY DAY DO THE SAME THING. AFTER 3 0R 4 DAYS TEAR UP THE LIST AND RETHINK YOUR PRIORITIES. I still haven't gotten the last item on my list/ Family history. it can never be completed but i just keep on.Love Grandma Marilyn