Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

I wanted to jot down a note to say how thankful I am for Fathers.
  • I'm grateful for my Dad who is such an amazing man - so kind, thoughtful, disciplined, spiritual, educated - he's amazing. I am constantly in awe of his willingness to serve others and his love for the gospel! And his love for reading and learning is pretty awesome too. I feel blessed that he wants to share the good things of life with his family, and that he's willing to sacrafice so much for others.
  • My Father-in-Law Kim. I really think that Cory's dad is one of the kindest people I know. I never hear him say negative things about anyone. He also taught his children to respect women, work SO hard, and have fun as a family. I am glad he raised Cory to be the person he is, and that he is a part of our lives.
  • Grandfathers - I love each of my Grandpa's so much. They all are such big balls of love and I am so lucky that I still have them in my life. I have also loved watching them interact with Gabe and I love to see that connection! It's so neat to see physical characteristcs of each Grandpa in Gabe too - there's something to be said about genetics! Oh - and I'm grateful for Cory's Grandpa Ellis too - he was one of the most welcoming members of the family, even before we were married. Great man!
  • And last - but certainly not least - Cory, the daddy of my little guy. I remember being worried about Cory being gentle enough with Gabe when he was little. He just seemed to treat all little kids like grown-ups, and I worried about him with our little bundle of sweetness. How silly I was to be worried! Cory was gentle and loving with him right from the very beginning. The first days of Gabe's life were my favorite to watch Cory - he was such a natural when he held Gabe! His biggest complaint with Gabe when he was little was that Gabe wouldn't snuggle on his chest and fall asleep - Cory really wanted that bonding and it made him sad that his chest wasn't soft enough :). And he talks in a sweet voice to Gabe (another one of my worries), reads him stories, plays ball with him, teachs him that mowing lawns is fun, and takes him outside to do chores with his daddy (Gabe enjoys sitting in the stroller and watching Cory). He's even managed to teach Gabe new words (which aren't always so appropriate.....) The last several months have been amazing to be new parents, and one of the most amazing aspects has been to watch Cory and realize how blessed I am to have him as a husband, and how blessed our children will be to have him as their Daddy! Thank you sweetheart - you're the best!

On a related note - this week Cory was out of town for work. I complained my fair share about not having him around when I felt I needed him to help out. But then yesterday a group of soliders from Cedar City came home after being away in Iraq for the last 18 months. As I drove around town seeing flags, yellow ribbons and banners welcoming them home I realized how blessed I really am to have Cory around as much as he is! He does so much to help me with Gabe, and help around the house - I am so lucky! So when I start to complain in the future I am going to be more careful and remember all of the solider's families who don't have their daddy's (and some mommy's) around for months, and even years at a time - and be grateful for their service and hard work so we can have the freedoms we have today!

So now that I offically have the longest post ever....I hope you all have a very happy Father's day!


The Rhiens said...

Amen to all you have said about fathers. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, JOANNA! Yup, my little girl turns 27 today. What a joy you are to all of us.

Love, Mom, Dad and Julia

Giovanni Castiglione said...

Happy Birthday Joanna!! May God bless you and your family! Giovanni from Italy.