Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pictures from last weeks post

I tried posting these pictures last week - but they weren't working. So here we'll go again. My guys on Father's Day.

A little side-note. It's so funny, but it seems like our family is always in sync with our clothing choices. We'll get to church on Sunday and look at each other and it seems that more often than not we match or coordinate. The same thing seems to happen almost daily with what Gabe is wearing - almost always the same colors as I have on. It must be subconscious, but it's kind of funny (and really helps with photos and scrapbooking!)


The Rhiens said...

And you guys all look great in that worked this time anyway. :) What fun pictures! You should add your latest pic to the blog, too. It's a great one. I actually printed it up and put it on my fridge as a motivator.

Love, Mom

Emeline Anne said...

You know what's really weird? I think I do that too! I'll look down and be wearing tan pants and a white shirt, and what do you know? Emeline has the exact same thing on. It must be what happens when you really love your kid. :)