Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fun with cousins

My cousin Rachel and her family recently moved back to the town my parent's live in after being away. I am SO excited about this because now I can see her when we go to visit my family! Rachel and I were really close as we grew up (we're only 3 weeks apart in age), and I'm hoping that we can stay close as we raise our families.

I don't know how 2nd cousins and 2nd cousins once-removed works.....someone will have to explain it to me someday. But since I'm not sure the terminology we'll just refer to Rachel's son Elias as Gabe's cousin.

One afternoon while we were visiting we walked to a local park with our boys and spent some time. It was funny to watch them together. Elias is a bit older, and it was funny to watch Gabe who wanted to play like Eli did. In fact another time when they were together at my grandparent's house they had been playing ball with each other. Eli was done and stood up to walk away. He turned around, looked down at Gabe on the floor and said in a disgusted tone, "Stand up!" He didn't quite get that Gabe wasn't ready to go running after him.

Anyway - it was fun to spend time at the park together. I wish we'd had more time together, and that I had gotten to spend more time with my cousin Liz and her daughter (they came into town the night before we came hom), but I'm sure there will be more chances.

I love ya girls - I'm so lucky to have you as cousins!

(the rest of the pictures will have to be attached in the next post....they're not working)


Sherelle said...

Joanna...I am so glad to find your blog!!! Your little boy is ADORABLE! I can't believe how much he looks like you and your hubby! I hope all is well with you and your family, and I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

april said...

too cute! i'm sure the next time Gabe sees Elias, he'll be chasing him! :)