Monday, December 19, 2005

Some pics

Looking snazzy and ready for church.

This is Gabe's new face he makes at us. He loves sticking his tounge out. It's a little game we play where I'll stick my tounge out, and he does it back - it's really quite cute! (although as a teenager I may be regretting the fact I taught him to do this.)

Most of the family together for a picture. Sorry Cory - someone has to be behind the camera. It's hard not to take so many pictures - our little guy is just so darn cute!

He has been so adoreable this morning - from the moment he woke up. It's like he can tell we're getting ready to go see everyone for the wedding and he's excited to get loves from all of them. We're glad we'll get to see family in Logan on the way back too. Lots of family and friends to see in the next couple of days!

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