Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Beautiful Baby

Today we were in church and an older woman who was sitting in front of us turned to the side so she could see Gabe. She just looked amazed and said in the most reverent voice, "He is a beautiful baby!" She was in awe, and just looked at him like he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. A minute or so later she turned around again and said, "Would you mind turning him so I could see him better?" (He was in his car seat). So I turned him towards her and once again she whispered, "He is just a beautiful baby!" Then her eyes filled with tears. She proceeded for the next several minutes to look down at Gabe, and then wipe the tears from her eyes.

I don't know if the reason she was crying had anything to do with Gabe. It appeared to since she choked up when she looked at him. But it made me wonder what she was thinking. Did she look at our sweet baby and see all of the goodness in him? Did she sense how close to heaven he is? Did she look at him and see the man he will become one day, or the person he will be that will teach others, and touch lives for good? Did she look at our son and see that he was an answer to hundreds, if not thousands of prayers? What did she see when she saw him?

Whatever it was was touching. It touched me to see someone else get emotional over our baby. I do it daily, but I thought that was just because I'm his mom. But through his life I hope and pray that Gabe will touch others often. I hope that he will maintain the sweetness that fills him right now. I pray that he will inspire others, teach others of the goodness in life, and help to answer other people's prayers. I hope that he will be a hero to someone someday, and that we can raise him to be the kind of person who others want to be around, and who eminates as much goodness as he does right now - through all of his life.


Mom said...

He is a beautiful baby! And he brings all who know and love him joy. :)

Love, Gramma Rhien

april said...

ok, girl...that should have come with a kleenex warning! kiss those sweet cheeks for me!