Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gabe and Santa

So after not getting to take Gabe to sit on Santa's lap before we left for the wedding - I was worried that we wouldn't get a pic of our little guy on the big guy's lap. Lucky for us Grandpa Ellis just happened to have a Santa suit on hand, and Gabe got to sit on his lap for some pictures and had a chance to tell Santa his Christmas wish-list.

Aunt Ashley was great to supply the adoreable reindeer antlers, and Uncle Coby helped out by dressing up as Mrs. Claus. Now if we could just get a photo without Gabe's tounge sticking out, or his hands in his mouth......


Gramma Rhien said...

Oh my goodness! These pics are SO funny! I couldn't figure out at first why Santa and "Mrs. Claus" looked so familiar. How fun! And Gabe makes a great reindeer.

Love, Gramma Rhien

april said...

I cant believe yall talked his brother into dressing up as Mrs.Claus. Too cute! He is so going to hang that over Gabe's head when he's older, too. ;)

My uncle used to bribe me with toys to keep me from telling my mom and Granny the stuff he shouldnt have been doing with me in his presence! ;)