Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today in church one of the people speaking mentioned something that I had never thought of, and it's stuck with me all day; and hopefully through the holiday season.

The word Christmas can be broken into 2 parts. Christ, and mas - which means more in the Spanish language. We need to focus on including Christ MORE in our Christmas celebrations. We need to remember Him MORE through the festivities, the excitement, and through all of the things we do to celebrate.

I know I'm more than guilty of focusing too much on the presents, the parties, and the other fluff, and not enough on our Savior - which is the reason we even have Christmas.

So I encourage each of you to focus your holidays MORE on Christ, and remember His life, His birth, and what He has done for all of us. Add a little more of what is important to your holiday celebrations.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thought to end my sabath day. I always dislike it when people write xmas as it leaves Christ out of Chritsmas.
I am so excited for all of our events in Dec.

Give Gabe a extra hug of two for me, Love Grandma Marilyn

Mom said...

Great thought! I have shared this with several people today. Thanks for making us stop and think. :)

Love, Mom