Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Earlier today I was giving Gabe a great big kiss on the cheek and I got to thinking - it’s amazing how many times in a day I kiss little Gabers! I’ve been thinking about why I do it so much – and this is what I’ve come up with:

  1. He’s so dang cute – how can I resist????
  2. He is a blessing – something I wanted forever, and I love that he’s actually here, and actually MINE!
  3. He’s my bud, we spend all day, everyday together – and I love him for putting up with me (whether he likes it or not).
  4. Someday he won’t want me to talk to him in public – much less kiss him in public! I need to get it in as much as I can now while he can’t fight back.
  5. He has the softest cheeks, neck, shoulders, forehead, feet, hands….etc.
  6. I love him so dang much, and I feel like he doesn’t really “get it”. I can’t express in words how much I love him – maybe kissing him to death will get the message across.
  7. His smile is amazing, and I love to make him giggle. If I kiss him on his neck (kind of giving him raspberries) he grins ear to ear and makes a gut laugh. Love it.
  8. Someday he will live lots of miles away, and I won’t get to kiss his little face every day – so maybe I can smother him with kisses now so I can look back and remember how sweet it was when he’s grown and gone.
  9. He’s my first child – aren’t you supposed to spoil your first rotten? I promise not to play favorites with my kids – but Gabe will always be my first, and he’ll have a special (or different) place in my heart than the rest will.
  10. Because I can. Do I need any better reason?

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Mom Rhien said...

And you have to give him some extras for all us Grammas and Grampas.

Love, Mom Rhien