Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project 365

Monday - I took Senior pictures for Madison Wray, our neighbor. We also had spider-hot dogs, bones & eyeballs (mac and cheese w/ peas) for lunch.

Tuesday - Pictures for Mindy's dental office. This stressed me out more than almost anything ever has. I was already worried about it but a few seconds before we took the pictures I asked what the picture's size needed to be. I knew it was going to be in a phone book. She said, "It's the back cover". THE BACK COVER OF THE PHONEBOOK!!?!?! Anyway, they didn't turn out great (because I am NOT a professional photographer, and we were going to originally take them outside, but it was pouring rain and we had to do them indoors @ their office). Anyway - after taking some mediocre pictures I came home and fell apart because I felt bad they hadn't turned out. Sorry Mindy...I tried...

Wednesday - We went to dinner with the boys @ Rusty's. Gabe wanted shrimp and boy oh boy - he got shrimp. We joked that they were as big as his head. He so kindly held them up to my head (or in my hair....) to show me how big they were. Silly kid. Yummy food.

Thursday - While I was on the phone with my childhood best friend (Jana) Hunter couldn't keep himself entertained without making a mess of cereal all over the kitchen floor. I guess catching up with a great friend was worth a few minutes with the dust-buster. (We found out earlier that a mutual friend of ours from high school - Ben Hill - had died in a plane crash on Wednesday.)

Friday - We had Gabe's friend Jase come play for a good part of the day. Gabe & Jase were friends from preschool last year and Gabe asks about him all the time. I aws glad they could catch up and play together. We made "donut hole eyeballs" as a treat while they played.

Saturday - Gotta love the annual "Livestock Festival" parade. The highlight - after the parade of farm equipment and tractors is the massive flock of sheep being herded down main street. It was kind of a boring parade this year, but we still had fun together. (note to self - sit on the other side of the street for the next parade - the blaring sunlight was a bit much for my head).

Sunday - while we were reading bedtime stories Gabe insisted that he was "SO HUNGRY". I would have felt sorry for him if he'd eaten better for dinner (we're struggling with meal times - any suggestions?), but since he was already ready for bed I told him if he was really hungry he could have a cup of carrots. He tried proving his point that he was really hungry and took me up on my offer. But not until he had already used the carrot sticks for "vampire teeth".

So there you have it - another fairly uneventful week @ the Ellis home.


Ashley Mullen said...

The picture from the Dental Office looks great. YOu did a good job. If you want, send me the raw image and I can make some adjustments for you in lightroom, but I think it looks great :)

The Rhiens said...

I LOVE that picture of Madi and her mom. They look so much alike.

Those eyeballs are great! I bet the boys loved them. You're a fun mom, Joanna.


Kim and Tammy said...

I think you did great, too! I think you're too hard on yourself. You guys did have an eventful weekend and probably another one the boys won't forget! LOL

The Little Rascals said...

I think you are a good photographer, Madi's pictures look great and so does the Dental Office pictures.