Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project 365

Look at this - 3 weeks in a row :) Being accountable and posting my Project 365 pictures on here helps keep me working on it. Now if I can just ge them scrapped....

Monday - Gabe and his best buddy Noah playing Noah. They played for hours with the Legos and Noah even ended up staying and playing by himself when Gabe headed to gymnastics for the evening. Love how creative the kids can be with Legos!

Tuesday - My first check from Exfuze. Cory's gotten them, but it was my first check.

Wednesday - We had our friend Ben playing at hour house most of the morning and headed to Artic Circle for lunch after storytime @ the library. Ben ordered mini corn dogs and then asked me very confused why they didn't look like dogs. Later he told his mom he had ordered "dog corn" for lunch. Turns out he'd never had one before :)

Thursday - Hunter and I played bubbles after taking Gabe to school. There aren't many sounds as fun as a 2 year old squealing with excitement over bubbles.

Friday - UGH - Cory started feeling sick this week and has been in bed most of the weekend. Most of the time he'll keep working, keep running around like normal and just complain about it. He's been feeling so crummy this time though that he's pretty much laid around since Friday afternoon. He's doing a bit better today, hoping the rest of the week gets better (and that the rest of the crew doesn't catch it.

Saturday - With Cory being sick I thought he deserved some homemade chicken noodle soup. I haven't made this before, and I went all out with fresh, homemade noodles. Not a big deal to most - but I was pretty proud that they turned out on my first try.

Getting the kids off to bed, a piggy back ride was just what they needed to get into bed.

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