Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photos of the Week

Hunter had a visit with the Early Intervention speech therapist. After that the nurse that was doing a hearing screening suggested that he might have an ear infection so it was off to our pediatrician's office to have them checked out. And even though he hadn't been acting sick he apperently had an ear infection. A few days of antibiotics and he seems to be on the mend!

Sushi @ home - frozen and from Schwans......We didn't love it, but glad we gave it a try.

Ugh, paperwork and filing.

After preschool we picked up our friend Haley and headed to the pumpkin patch. Fun little outing with fun little kids.

Gabe loved the dominos we had a lot of fun building designs with them.

Recently a "new" restaurant opened in St. George - Brick Oven - one of our favorites from Utah County. It was so fun to take the boys somewhere that brought back some wonderful memories from my childhood.

Hunter has been carrying around the one and only baby-doll we have. The boys started fighting over it and I remembered that I had some of my old dolls in a chest in our basement. So I got them out and then the boys started fighting over those ones.


Mrs. Ellis said...

I have that same blonde haired my child doll and loved it more than any other doll when I was little. Dolls seem to be a no fail item with young kids - boys and girls. So fun to watch them mirror play. It really teaches me a lot about my style of parenting and the love that I give V is so apparent by the thousands of kisses and tickles she gives her baby everyday. Love ya!

Rhien Family said...

go figure. Never miss an opportunity to fight eh? I'm glad Hunter is on the mend. So did you not like the sushi because it was just that kind of sushi or because you are not sushi fans in general?

Rhien Family said...

You may like other kinds of sushi.... not the frozen kind.

Also, does Hunter's ear infection have a connection to the speech issues? Do they know if fixing his ears may help?

Love ya

Melissa said...

I cannot believe you have those dolls! I had the two in the back. I believe the blonde was named Jenny, but I can't remember what brand the one in the sailor suit was. She was my FAVORITE!