Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Pictures

I am not always great about getting pictures up here as I take them. I have hundreds (actually, probably thousands....) of pictures that don't make it on here because life creeps up and gets in the way. Anyway, here are a few from recent things.

Park with kids - A fun group playing at the park. Fun time with the kiddos. Hunter sure loves being a part of the group.

Gabe's preschool class took a fieldtrip last week to take a hike. We were getting ready to go out of town and so I didn't end up going with them, but from Gabe's report they had a great time. He's been having so much fun in his preschool class this year and just loves the friends, the activities, and his teacher.

Cory and I went to Vegas this past weekend for a conference (I'll post more about that later....) and it was great. We talked a bunch, felt inspired by speakers and other people's awesome experiences, ate lots of tasty food, saw the performer who was the lead musician in the group Styx (and he sounds exactly the same as the 70's - it was great!), and enjoyed each other. I got my picture taken with a former Boston Red Socks player (Foulke). We went to see The Lion King play and it was amazing. The music, the costumes - it was magical (thanks Cory!). We even hit the restaurant "Serendipity" that I have always wanted to visit in New York. Sadly, the service was HORRIBLE, and truthfully - the "frozen hot chocolate" taste like a watered down icy, watered down frosty. We were disappointed. But at least we can say we tried it - right? We stayed at The Orleans hotel, and it was really a great deal. We were nervous to stay there because it was a great price - but the room was actually really big, good quality, and super clean. We were really happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. We appreciate those who helped watch our kids, we're grateful we got to spend some time with each other. It's always awesome to reconnect with a sweetie - right?

Anyway, I'm going to work on getting some more pictures up soon - but here you go with these couple of collages.

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