Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bike Riding

Gabe got a little bike this year for his birthday and LOVES it! Everyday when he gets ready for preschool he insists on riding his bike down the road to pick up his buddy and ride down to his "school". I don't know quite what he'll do in a few weeks/months when it gets too chilly or even snowy....

One afternoon he told Cory that he wanted to take the training wheels off so he could ride without it....that didn't last very long....but I was glad he gave it a try at least :). Cory was so sure to tell us "I never had training wheels and I learned to ride my bike by the time I was 4!" No pressure for you Gabe....(sorry about that).

He's great at always getting his helmet and putting it on to be safe and is quite the speedy rider.

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