Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog stuff

I had a couple of people email me or ask about my new blog background. I created it myself using a kit that will be coming soon (It's adorable - so stay tuned!). However, I kind of used another product to get the sizes right and stuff. Check out this line of "BLOGWEAR" at Elemental Scraps.

My last set that I had on my blog was from this set. I changed a couple of things, but for the most part I had used the set and her instructions that come with the set. I LOVE the instructions - they made the whole process so easy!!!

So this time I just kind of designed what I wanted to for the topper - but based on my past one, and used the size as a guide from the set. But truthfully - the blogwear sets make it SOOOOOO easy - I would highly recommend them!

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Ashley Mullen said...

thanks Joanna! Love it!