Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ten things Thursday

I have really kind of stunk it up in the blog department lately. I have things I want to post, pictures you'd probably enjoy seeing....but I don't get it done. We can add this to the list of quite a few different things I haven't been keeping up on.....Here's some random stuff to catch up:

  1. Summer is here, the boys have been loving swimming in our little pool out back. Cory and I have even gotten in with them a couple of times. Lots of splashing and giggling.
  2. I'm realizing more than ever that I'm not a huge fan of the heat. I can handle it and everything, but I like 75 degrees. Can we bring that back a while longer? And if we could do away with wind completely I'd be fine with whatever temperature it was. I promise.
  3. Hunter has become SO opinionated recently. WOW! The other day I was getting dressed and he was in my room. He started screeching about something and pulling at the shorts I had just put on. It took me several minutes to figure it out - but he didn't want me wearing the clothes I had picked out for myself. He ended up communicating to me eventually that he wanted the brown shorts I had hanging up in the closet. I gave in...just not one of those battles worth fighting. But he has been having such a tough time communicating with us, which has led to many melt-downs. It's hard because Gabe spoke so clearly and so well at such a young age. Hunter....not so much. I'm finding more and more that he has words for things, but so many of them sound the same or sound nothing like the word he's trying to say. When we do figure out what he's saying he is so proud of us and him and a lot of times he cheers and raises his arms up in victory. It's cute to see the sense of accomplishment on his face.
  4. Speaking of Hunter and accomplishments. This little boy loves going potty! He won't even be 2 for another month but anytime I go to change his diaper he insists on going potty. I even catch him taking off his clothes and diaper to go to the bathroom. When he goes (which is just about every time he tries, several times a day) he cheers for himself and is so proud. He's not staying dry in between times, but I think he might be ready sooner than Gabe was. Way to go little buddy!
  5. Gabe has been working on his writing and drawing. He has always been my vocal child, and hasn't really liked to write. He loved doing sticker pictures when he was little, and just didn't get into drawing/coloring much. But just lately he's doing better, tracing letters, drawing pictures. I LOVE the drawings he has been making. He drew a picture of him and our 2 dogs at church last week. SO cute!
  6. Does anyone else ever feel like there is SO much information, so many potential projects, so many fun things we could do, or things we could make or learn? Every once in a while I just feel bombarded with ideas and a desire to learn new things. But then I get into it and I feel so overwhelmed and want do do it ALL. In this information age it's just a bit frustrating to have SOOOO much right at our fingertips. It's a blessing and a curse I guess.
  7. I got to hold my friend's new baby today. I miss babies. They grow up so darn fast! I also packed up a bunch of baby stuff this week that we aren't using for now, or likely anytime soon. That made me sad. I also was amazed at how sentimentle I became over some silly clothes - remembering where the boys were when they wore certain things. A nice trip down memory lane.
  8. I get to go play BUNCO tonight. YAY! It's just a once a month little group, but it's something to look forward to and I get excited. However, next month it's my I guess next month will be a little more work for me. Still fun though.
  9. We went on a bike ride on Tuesday night - just me and Cory. He bought me a very nice road bike for my birthday last year and sadly I haven't riden it until this week. It has really thin tires and I worry too much that I'll crash. But we rode for almost an hour and I didn't crash. Yay me!
  10. Well Gabe and his friends are on their way back over here after playing at their house for most of the day. Back in the swimming pool it looks like. I wonder how many seconds after they get here it will be before someone begs for an Otter Pop....? Anyone care for a wager?


Renee' said...

I know I don't know you Joanna, but try sign language w/Hunter. I too have two little boys. Travis is 8 and Christopher is 4. Christopher didn't speak for quite a while, because in our case, Travis spoke for him. We taught him some basic sign language and it was a lot less stressful on all of us. The temper tantrums that he threw because we couldn't figure it out was extreme. I just thought I would share that w/you. BTW, I'm a good friend of MaryRuth's from up in Spokane, Washington. Love your blog.

Crystal said...

life gets so crazy! I enjoyed the up-date, the too much information available to us was right on the head--but for me I just stand still in a glazed stupor, at least you DOP something!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I could relate to all ten of your things - Brian went thru the otter pop phase for about 4 years and we bought them by the case at our warehouse store for ages and then one day. he just stopped.. but he isn't a kid.

Blake used to talk to me in these long sentences and I was always yes dear, that's right dear... hoping to be pleasant and supportive, of course not having a clue that he was actually asking if he could play legos in the middle of the street or color on the white brick fireplace.... He would get so mad, but I had no idea he was actually asking me stuff. So glad when he got his words. Of course, we still fought, but at least I stopped saying yes dear everytime he jabbered.

it's funny how with an older sibling close in age, they learn about potty so easy, but don't learn to speak as quickly.

Oh - i was laughing about your creative idea overload. We watch all these craft shows and food shows and our computer is right next to the TV - like the prophet says... hehehe. so we always jump up and print off directions and projects and recipes.

they stack up on the printer for months and then we file them and then we have this notebook system. 3 ring binders with page protectors and dividers and we file them all. sometimes i find that i have printed a certain project 5 or 6 times...

anyway, right now I think we have 11 three inche notebooks full and stacks that aren't in them yet. So we have stopped printing off every project. If i did all the projects in my files, i'd be crafting 24/7 for the rest of my life and not get them all done, but it is fun to plan and prepare and think about doing them.

We have probably 7 3 inch notebooks or recipes, but I started saving them when I was 15. Thats a long long time ago.

Enjoy summer and let yourself be a kid and just relax by the pool with the boys. It goes tooooooooo quickly.
Love you lots - we'll be fasting for you guys on Sunday.