Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gabeisms and an update

One of my favorites is how almost every single day Gabe asks what day it is. He doesn't want to know what day of the week - but always clarifies by asking, "Is it a FAMILY day?" He thinks of Saturday and Sunday's as "Family Days" because Dad's around and we're together as a family most of the time.
Me: "Gabe, you're kind of stinky - I think you need to go in and try to go poo."

Gabe: "No Mom - that's just your breath."

(Gee - thanks.....)
Me: "So sweetie, we haven't caught any fish today (we had gone fishing for the afternoon) - so what are we going to eat for dinner now since we don't have any fish?"

Gabe: "Oops - looks like it's a cereal night!"
Gabe has gotten to be a much better writer lately. After preschool we were kind of disappointed that he hadn't worked much on his writing or drawing. But lately he has gotten so much better with writing. He really likes to look at another picture (like in a book or something) and then try to copy it. I'll need to scan some of his pictures soon to share.
Speaking of preschool the other day Gabe said, "I didn't learn ANYTHING when I went to preschool. All I learned was how to color and do art projects - and I already knew how to do THAT!"

(sadly this is somewhat true....he didn't really gain any "academic skills" from school....)
Randomly through the day Gabe will out of the blue just say, "Mom (or Dad), I LOVE you!" It's funny because it always sounds like he's trying to butter us up and we'll ask, "yes....?" But he doesn't want anything - he is just sweet.
A few weeks ago we had my favorite "Hot Fudge Pudding Cake" for dessert. As we were eating it Gabe said, "Mommy - you're the best 'maker' ever!"

Me: "Thanks Gabe, that means a lot to me and makes me happy when you like the food I cook for you. I don't know if I've ever made this for you before - have I?"

Gabe: "No you haven't. But I have had it before. I ate this when I lived in heaven. This is what you eat for breakfast when you live in heaven. You eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for snacktime!"
Two different times this week Gabe has made me VERY happy with cleaning up. One morning the boys had made a huge mess with toys. I was frustrated but hadn't said anything about cleaning up the toys or anything. Gabe said he wanted to do something (a treat, or play or something like that.) I said, "Not until you've cleaned up the toys with Hunter." He said, "But Mom - I already cleaned them all up." I didn't think it was possible but when I came out of the kitchen he had! Almost a whole toy box of toys had been cleaned up. Later in the week he cleaned up the toy room too - including lining toys up along the edges of the room like I love (my OCD kicking in). I LOVED it!
In his prayers tonight Gabe also thanked Heavenly Father for the pioneers who came across the plains - I was sure excited that he'd listened to something I'd said about the pioneers - I thought it had all gone in one ear and out the other (as had much of what I had said this week....).


Mrs. Ellis said...

love Love LOVE these posts on your boys! These kind of posts make me feel like we get to watch them grow up, develop their personalities, and get to know them even though we are so far away and haven't seen them in ages! Thanks! I must say you have two of the cutest boys I've ever seen! Have a fun weekend! Love you guys

The Mullen Family said...

I love the things that come out of their mouths. These posts make me laugh, and I agree with Kori, I wish we were closer to watch them grow up. Give them my love!!!

Kim and Tammy said...

I think 'Gabe isms' teaches all of us to be pure and innocent like children. Thanks for the posts!