Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loosing my mind...

How frustrating, I just finished a layout. The whole time I was making the layout I had dejavu. This combination of photos just seemed so familiar.....But when I browsed through my completed layouts I couldn't find a week #24 layout. That is until I finished my (2nd) Week #24 layout - then I went back and looked through some other layouts and found that I actually had already made one. Sheez - I feel like I'm loosing my mind sometimes. I'll have a few more layouts up tomorrow with NEW products being released at Elemental Scraps.

So here you go. ANOTHER Week #24 layout, and one of Cory.

Week #24:
Template - ChrissyW's template challenge at Elemental Scraps.
Kit - Crystal Wilkerson's June 365

Happy Birthday Daddy-o:
Template - freebie from Libby Weifenbach's team
Kit - Porkchops and Applesauce by Libby Weifenbach

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The Mullen Family said...

lol. I did that same thing with one of my 365 layouts. Love the new look of the blog. Great pages