Saturday, July 11, 2009

Playing catch up with some layouts

I just finished up a layout with an awesome kit and I remembered I hadn't posted these other layouts. So here are a few layouts for ya. Products used are mostly ChrissyW, BellaGypsy and the 4th of July layout is using a kit by Libby Weifenbach.
Speaking of scrapbooking....I've been feeling a bit blah about it. Not about scrapbooking, but about me and scrapbooking. Sometimes layouts fall together quite quickly and nicely, and other times it just feels like I'm forcing things...I guess after a while we all get a little stuck in a rut - right? I'm hoping I can emerge soon.


tami said...

cute photos! I love your layouts, you're so creative! I had to comment on the imaginary friend thing - Ella's got a couple herself - isn't it funny?! My favorites are Matosha (sp??) and Teenager - a girl and a boy, and they're both 2 and still wear diapers. Sometimes they sleep over, sometimes they travel with us, but mostly they just play with Ella and the other friends, Diego and his sister Alicia, and the newest friend, Elise. I'm glad to hear we're not the only one with the imaginary friends! It's healthy, right? =)

MaryRuth said...

i looooove your pages! I think they're fab! But I feel your pain... I'm in such a scrapbook rut... I feel like all my creativity is gone and may pages are so lame which is hard when I have stuff due to people.

Anyway just know you still have lots of fans out here who think your stuff rocks!