Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning Lessons

Isn't it interesting how we can learn simple lessons every day - all around us? Today I learned a very simple lesson - sometimes all we can do is pray. And you know what - sometimes it's enough.

There are trials we can't take away from people. There are trials we can't fix or make better. There are friends who need things we can't give them.


We ALWAYS can pray for them. We can always take a moment from our day and plead with Heavenly Father to lighten someone's load, or help us to lighten their load. We can always take a few minutes to whisper a prayer or even share a part of our load with our Heavenly Father. It might feel like it's all we can do - but sometimes it's enough. Sometimes just trying and praying is exactly enough.


Mrs. Ellis said...

And it is amazing how much praying for someone else helps! This past week or so, Chase and I have \ been the focus of prayers and fasts happening at the same time - and wow. We really felt the power and strength that came from so many people praying for us. It was such a neat experience for us. You are right, prayer is a small and simple thing, and sometimes you can't tell how it affects the other person, but it is real and it works! Love you guys!

Crystal said...

This was so good to read-Joanna you are wonderful! So thoughtful and so considerate. There are times my stomach is in knots for me & for others--prayer is such a comfort--thanks for this :)

even when your boys are boogers--they are cute ones!

Rhonda S. said...

What a great lesson, I think I need a lesson in prayer. Lately I feel like I pray my little heart out but am not being heard. UGH!! That's for the uplifting post...I needed it :)

Kim and Tammy said...

The Savior is my very best friend! Always there, never judge mental, listens, validates, loves unconditionally, and understands us better than we understand ourselves. Life is manageable! Thanks for your post!

Jessica said...

Sometimes, near or far, that is the best thing that we can do!